Feb 20, 2012

A break

Hello to those who follow my lacking blog lol. Just wanted to let you all know I will be on another hiatus for a while. I have taken on a lot and it has pushed me back health wise....I have to let go a few obligations and though im not consistent with this....the thought still remains in my mind to post. I certainly didnt realize how much it takes to keep up with a successful blog ...and I truly have lots to share from my point of view....but trying to manage a business motherhood and life....keeps me from investing the time I need to I'm my blog. If you knew me personally you would know I like to put 100% in everything I do and if i can't I certainly have to step away until I'm able to deliver at my best. I will however try to randomly post my pics, hauls, and all things in life on my instagram/ twitter @torishalea or u can still find me on tumblr under iklecticskloset . Either way I thank u for ur support and hate that I have been so absent In doing so...had no idea that business would pick up soo fast and certainly was not expecting health issues to arrise. I won't be erasing my bs with hopes of coming back. But you can find and follow me at the places mentioned above or email me torishalea@gmail.com thanks again muah!

Feb 6, 2012

Febuary Thrift Haul 1

Today I ran soo many errands that I was not even thinking about dressing up...so this is how I started...my typical uniform lol.

So this Fisherman Sweater was one of the first items I picked up ..it was in great condition and it was GAP....I really liked it but figured with Houston weather I would nt get any use out of it, but would have been a great piece for Paris... With the color and fit... its perfect for layering you could rock it with almost anything a good staple piece for the wardrobe. These trousers just so happe to be Talbots I believe....they were a little high waisted and very light.(which i loved) They were in excellet codition as well. These pants would definitely make a great spring, summer  transitioning to fall. You could certainly make them office friendly with a blazer, cocktails with a nice blouse, or beachy with a nice tank top and wedged heels.

So then I run across this denim shirt which I am currently obsessed with...I have been on the hunt for denim shirts for some reason (i always have moments) Maybe Im suffering a pre-nautical moment or something cause I cant seem to stop buying navy.. Anyhoot as you will see this shirt works with almost everything. Almost self explanatory but keep scrolling and you will see the different ways I wore them. I cant remember the brand, but I def brought this piece home.

I know i may look a little stuffed but I still had the sweater on under it,  which is a great layering look, and even switched around. But really I was being lazy lol. (I put myslef on a time constraint). Doing this has actually helped me in my shopping habits from not getting things I really dont need. I found myslef taking half of my closet out last month doing my annual Kloset Klean....(will be selling items soon). I mea stuff I have not even worn. Alot of this is due to me buying clothes too big or seeing the POTENTIAL.....I am definitely becoming more aware of my body type and the best fit for me in terms of bottoms....(blazers too)

This dress is a typical buy for me....crazy for some, but soo me..its colorful its fun and can definitely be altered to be even more becoming. The problem is this the exact dress I would buy and let sit in my kloset or in the alterations pile. (yes i have a stack full) lol. But it was still fun to try on .

Just thought I would give this blazer a world..It was light and loved the colors and patterns...could make a nice transition piece into the spring...The white trousers give it more of a chicer look, however the fit was a little off so didnt work out for me, but it would great with anything white....ooo a maxi dress...and even some dark denim jeans.. This jacket is definitely a statement within itself so pairing it with or over something more simple and subtle would be perfection.

Sooo if you cant tell this is Navy..so of course I loved it...once again layered it over the denim shirt and due to it being slightly big I belted it to give it a more fitted look... this was a great find...the condition was great, i dont remember the brand, but was great quality...had it been a little more smaller I may just have brought it home. Im definitely thinking I could have rocked it with some leggings and boots with a nice turtle neck...or perhaps over a maxi skirt or dress with  some pumps....so much to do with this piece...simple colors with a simple pattern....plaid would blend perfectly..weather layering it with a shirt, scarf or paiing it with some trousers.

Nothing major going on here...just a jacket I tried on...it was a very BERRY... but the fit was all wrong...nice statement piece though

So where was this Bell-sleeved cropped sweater before I went to paris....I absolutely loved this sweater..it has soo much character...though a little too big for me...it was sheer but hott! And my mind went wild when I thought of all the things this would have been cute with...on top of the fact its grey...so I could pair it with any color....I just hate it was too big, cause this sweater and my faux leather pants with my jeffrey campbells would have been soo on. lol...would look great with shorts and leggings or even slightly tucked in a textured or printed pencil skirt...MAXI.....is almost a must.

tried it on with some lace dress pants....nothing major

loved the detailing

I actually took this look home...liked the texture of the skirt (pic below) I imagined myself usinng this skirt as a summer travel piece and the fit was actually good...I dont do too well with mini skirts considering I am a shapely woma....but I liked it and loved it with my denim blouse.

 Now doesnt this just scream beach?
Soo ran into these shoes at Goodwill and certainly laughed a little....I knew I would nt be bringing them home, but I definitely wated to capture them. These are truly a vintage platform ...but its soo funny because its soo the MODERN DAY JC...SHOE....but for a $10 price.....JC Lovers eat your heart out...seemed to somewhat work with my fit though lol

Just thought I would snap shot a tag for this cuted dress below....I love these dresses . I remember always walking past the store wishing I had somewhere to go just to go buy a dress.

But unfortunately I was not the size required.....I am tellig myself the dress was made small....shhhhhhh...... But it was in great shape

So of course....THE MAXI!.....I cant get over this mazi moment....all I ca think about it comfort and flow. I need to get a few adjustments but def a keeper for me.

And yes denim shirt and belted to give it a layered effect and a great way to transition your mazi throughout seasons

So this dress.....I mean it gives all the map directions of my curves....geesh.....I had to suck my stomach in lol...but this is actually a nice dress...Its wool so a nice party dress for winter or fall....The studs makes it edgy sexy, and gives it character...considering the dull color...It was still slightly a lil big.

a closer look

 Well hope you enjoyed....I will be doing a consignment store Haul next time...giving you the scoop on designers on a budget. Stay Tuned!

Feb 4, 2012

Paris contd

Ok so more on Paris..... So for some reason I couldn't post while there due to crazy wifi connections (hence the late posting. But I must say the highlight of my trip was visiting the louvre museum. This place holds all of the famous paintings and sculptures capturing the Mona lisa ,Aphrodite , THe Sphinx and many others. Not only was I excited to see the art work but that's where I actually seen the more fashionable people. Ironically there were not locals so naturally they came from all across the world. I mean I was wanting to take soo many pictures but didn't want to seem weird lol. I definitely stood out due to me sporting my hot pink blazer and then of course I have the platinum hair. People were looking at me probably thinking I was Mary j bilge or something lol. I will say the most I paid attention to we're the Asians . I hate to use that term but I'm ignorant as to what part they were from but their style was sooo on point definitely a lot more edgier than

Paris. The women all seemed to have this dora the explorer bob thing going on. Put me in the mind frame of baby dolls. We ventured out to the Paris nightlife to some bars, one in Bastille and the other in Latin QUarter. Both of these places are known for bars and club areas along with shops. And I can honestly say the Dj s were really good. They were laid back places with good music. I felt a little over dressed but I was like what the heck Im in Paris. Well I don't like to babble rather just let pics speak for themselves.


Ok so this trip was such a surprise and boy has it been an adventure. Let me start off by saying it is a different cold here. I mean feet freezing in boots. I just feel like no matter what i put on I'm just truly not ready. I'm a Texas girl we don't understand much under 49 degrees lol. But I must say that they are certainly used to it! So fashions u ask? Well from what I have seen thus far has been pretty much the same trends....all types of boots with the stockings and or leggings. Thick knee high socks, fur coats(real fur) wool,leather and most certainly the bubble coats as I like to call them. Scarves of all sorts is an obvious must. And on some of the younger girls wearing more of the hightop sneaker. . If I can remember jeans have not been as common as in the US but of course the few I did see we're the skinny jean. Everyone had either some type of satchel or structured bag, the colors here have def been on the monotone side. With black dominating the color wheel. Idid see a woman with a royal blue trench wool coat with oversized buttons...(tdf) udon't recall anyone standing out other than this lady who had red (like fire red) hair . Now considering we have done A lot of walking and metro riding I have gotten a big broad view of the people these last few days . One thing I can say is that men are def more fashionable here than the states . They seem to dress effortlessly while still maintaining style . I have seen a lot of wool trench coats, leather jackets,boot, scarves, and they wear their jeans and trousers a lot more fitted. The whole pants in boots thing was soo sexy and cool.
I believe that since we have been here on the everyday hustle and bustle life of Paris everyone has somewhere important to be (or at least that's what it seems as they rush through the metro connections ,on and off the train. So I haven't seen the most fashionable but I don't deny that they are not out there. I have only ventured to soo many parts which of course are more touristy, so I'm sure I have only seen a small spectrum of the fashion.
The food has been nice and I can say for the most part I have experienced some great hospitality and helpful people. Have more pics and reviews but going to get a little rest before we go to the museum . Stay tuned !

Jan 29, 2012

Omg could it be.....Paris ?

Ok so I must let you all know that I will be MIA for the next few days. I was surprised with a trip to ........PARIS! Oh so just know that I will fashionably make u proud! If I am able to bum some wifi will definitely keep you posted! Stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!

Jan 26, 2012

Bellini thoughts

Snapped this photo a few days ago after church. I hadn't worn this blouse in while so thought I would rock it. This blouse and skirt I actually thrifted long time ago, and somehow they both continue to stay put in my kloset. With the skirt being slightly awkward fitting needed a belt to tie in the look, I don't what made me go for the pink one but I actually like how it still made sense. Decided I needed to neutralize my look so threw on my favorite boots that I had got at the ZARA sale.

 I can honestly say that as long as I have been having this hat , this is the first time I wore it out side of home
This hat belonged to my Great Aunt and naturally I had to add it to my KLOSET...
Blouse: Thrifted
Belt: Thrifted
Skirt Thrifted
Boots: ZARA
Hat: Hand me down


Dress: Gifted Ralph Lauren
Sweater:  Old Navy
Boots: Target

Sooo I start off fresh with my baby girl....who I actually hadn't captured in a while...(shes soo temper mental) lol...But it was nice out and we went to a few events this day. And oh soo appropriate for FOUNDERS DAY! Kay ad I had a few events to attend to this particular weekend. We wet to Discovery Green to the Ice Rink and I took a few snaps of Kayden. She was really enjoying herself couldn't even believe she actually let me take them. I have been braiding her hair for the last few months....I am not a big fan of ponytails..due to the fact they tend to be harsh on little girls edges....so I started braiding her hair and now I decided to do the two strand twist....I thought they turned out cute on her.





Fur Vest: Target
Printed Shirt: Old Navy
Leopard Leggings: Old Navy
Fuscia Boots: Target

So thought I would share a few more pics of my baby girl in her Christmas outfit. I had been dying for her to wear her fur vest ....so thought the holiday would be perfect. wanted to jazz it up a little with the leopard print leggings and hot pink boots...she looovees the cartoon Mi Hao Khi Lan....So bought her the shirt for Christmas....So as you can see Ms. Kayden definitely brought her holiday in with style...And these are just a few pics but nothing compared to all that she got for Christmas. Soo yes that is a Tiffany's box that is all HERS.....she got some heart earrings, (cant find the pic), and some PAPARAZZI earrings ...well(the knock-off baby edition). SECURITY! lol.
There is soo much that I didn't get to post since my trip to St. Thomas, but its a new year so I will start with my new goodies, and new style inspirations!!!Stay tuned